Sai Swayam society is committed to its work towards enriching the quality of life and facilitating equal opportunities for people for the Speech and Hearing Impaired community. SSS is an institution that is invariably ready to support SHI children experiencing challenges in all facets of life rather than speaking and hearing. Our vision is based on “Service Before Self” and believing in the power of social transformation. We establish an atmosphere of a large family reunion so that we can motivate exchange, share, discuss, understand, and provide emotional strengthening in the SHI community. Making them believe in themselves by accepting who they are and that they should learn to love themselves just the way they choose. Our vision is to empower our children concerning livelihood, daily lives, education, and family attached with the individual. We improve the daily skills of our children so that they can impart technical capabilities and capacities and become more independent. By making them think positively about their lives and giving them proper training that we help them to improve their quality of life. We are continuously working to carve proficiency and build alternatives for people with disabilities and other diverse groups that facilitate them to have equivalent access to competitive sustainable livelihoods for their economic achievement. We seek to improve daily living skills so that these children can impart technical capabilities and capacities.