Our Founder

Meera Chetan Bhatia an Award-Winning Social Worker, Leader, Change Enabler, and Founder & CEO of Sai Swayam Society. Being raised by her Deaf parents, at her young age she was a graduate with responsibilities who chose to work as a Computer Science Teacher in Modern Barakhamba School. But in her background Sign Language interpretations and volunteer work with the national organization were always a part of her life. At 35 years of age, she decided to quit her job and works towards the cause of Deaf Empowerment in India. After that, she started teaching Deaf students at home, with a focus on their Board exams. A few years into this pro bono initiative, she recognized the lack of employment opportunities for any of my students. That is when the Sai Swayam Society was founded for Empowering the Speech and Hearing Impaired.

Our Team

According to Sai Swayam society organization is nothing but is all about its people and vision. By effectively communicating the vision of the organization to the team and ensuring that they work at their best by understanding their needs and abilities are important leadership traits. So the leader must bring the two together and create an enabling environment for the employees to thrive and the vision to be achieved.  Our dedicated team of SSS who is continuously working to support SHI children in every aspect of their life. Every team member at our institute is hardworking, understanding, and supportive. They are the heart of our institute that is always there to support Sai Swayam society.

“An idea is the starting point, a good team is the backbone of the process and the final impact is the end. All are equally important. Without a purpose or an idea, one cannot begin. Without a good team, one cannot continue. Without a final impact, one cannot sustain.”