Students Who got Placed

Let us introduce you to Ms. Ankita While self-worth comes naturally to most individuals, this journey is one where this premise itself was absent. It is not uncommon to hear that a speech or hearing impaired individual feels disheartened, doomed, and unworthy, however it is an extremely degrading mental situation to be in, and a very tough one to fight.

We are proud to have been around to witness and aid Ms. Ankita in her journey of her discovery of self-confidence and worth. She had enrolled herself in  training program of Sai Swayam Society and diligently worked to graduate with flying colours. Interacting with fellow struggling peers from the same community helped ease her tension. Learning and functioning effectively to cater to her own needs, being able to effectively communicate, and knowing that she can fend for herself with her acquired skill-set, added layers to her budding optimism. It is this life that we dream for every individual in the SHI community.

This journey is a mental journey in the minds of our students, one which requires constant encouragement and follow-up with amenities to aid their development. Without this, they are forced to reconsider the progress they make in their head about the perception of the world and the kind of life they may want to live. We are required to constantly prove that this mental war must be won, that self-worth must come naturally, and hence we must facilitate our students constantly and work towards providing them better lives, for which we require your help.

You are now being introduced to Mr.Tony. Hailing from an astonishingly poor background, he has made it through, on his own feet, independent and self sufficient. Needless to say this journey has not been an easy one. Apart from the disconnect in communication with his peers where he would often feel left out and inadequate, or the frustration from participating in the general system of functioning in our country that is yet not disability-friendly, the additional burden of an economically disabled background also rests upon the shoulders of this young boy.

Standing the test of these tough times, not only did he gain knowledge, acquire training in a skill set, get placed and started working and earning to support himself and his family, but also empowered himself in the true sense of the word by not losing hope and believing in himself. At every step of this training journey, Sai Swayam Society was present, as a mentor-enlightening him and as a friend-patting him on his back, and therefore this journey of Mr. Tony is very special to us.

While the ordinary journey of learning and earning is also endearing for most of us, we implore you to acknowledge this journey which is stricken by financial crunches, unavailability of basic necessities, empty stomachs going to sleep, repeated rejections, and constant self-doubt. It is these extra miles that Mr. Tony  has walked with courage that makes us believe in the cause we work for.He got placed in Shopperstop Rohini and he conveyed sincere thanks to SSS(Sai Swayam Society)through which he got training and placement.

NEELESH  VISHWAKARMA  –  Born on 30-07-1991

He is deaf. He is from Madhya Pradesh. He has hearing family. He is the only child of his parents. His father is farmer and mother is housewife. He belongs to rural area. He sharps in his studies. He completes his higher education and other vocational courses such as IT(COPA) and ART from MP. He has high skills in Maths and Sketching. His family income is not too high. He want some more to increase his knowledge in education for their bright future. He want that kind of job in which he has interest. He decided to join Sai Swayam Society. And came Delhi for Retail training. He stayed at SSS hostel. After 45 days he completed his training and passed his exams with excellent grades. And within a week he got a job at Reliance Store. His monthly income is ten thousand. Now, he financially supports his family. His parents feeling blessed with NEELESH. And they feel proud to be a parents of deaf.

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