Skill Training


Skill training may be perceived as a range of psycho-social and mental proficiency that prepares children to bring about knowledgeable judgments and preferences, organize their emotional well-being, and express effectively. Life skills are the abilities that pave the path for encouraging behavior, and these skills allow the person to recognize his/her social duties and help them to handle day-to-day hardships. Skill training is special training that comprises training of SHI individuals in different skill tests including IT, Retail & Hospitality. Skill training is significant because people of distinct age groups and people with several disabilities have their understanding capacities, which should be reckoned by a trainer while educating them. Various types of skills are required for successful work and every SHI individual has to focus on their skills to succeed in their life. They include foundation skills developed through education and family life, specialized and experienced skills that encourage a person to attempt a special activity or task, business abilities needed to accomplish self-employment, and core life talents, comprising personalities, understanding, and particular aspects. SSS provides this type of training so that the overall advancement of a child can take place. As our children grew up, we felt an attentive demand for educating sustainable skills to our learners so that they could become financially dominant. The gap is broad for skills training and providing placement for children with speech and hearing challenges. But we chose to impart vocational training skills and overall development to our students to close that gap.