Parent Sensitization

A disability isn’t just a physical condition it holds up a lifetime of recollections, encounters, and understandings. It is extremely hard for children with hearing and speech Impaired to transmit and convey what they want to, but at SSS this becomes effortless and simple for them. In parent sensitization service delivered by us, we help to fill the communication gap between parents and the children or Speech and Hearing Impaired (SHI) individuals. There are a lot of situations where the chances of confusion and conflicts increase between parents and their children just because of lack of communication. But we make it possible for them to understand what their child wants to say and signify. With the help of sign language, we make the communication better between them and their parents. Most of the parents don’t know what their children want to say and to help them we have our sign languages classes in which we do parent sensitization. We teach them how to respond, react and how they have to assist their children in different situations. Parent sensitization is done to make the communication smooth between parents and their children, they both can have a normal conversation in day-to-day life also.  It is an important part of our service because this helps parents to tackle their children easily.