mission 1

To empower the Speech and Hearing Impaired community in all domains Sai Swayam Society started as an institution in 2006 with great energy and enthusiasm of its founder, Mrs. Meera C. Bhatia. She identifies Sign Language as her “mother tongue” and has thereby donned the role of a Sign Language Interpreter throughout her life. The Sai Swayam Society is devoted to enhancing the lives of the Deaf by empowering them through education, skill training, and employment generation. And to satisfy this SSS provides high-impact interventions in the education(through sign language), training, skill development, and livelihoods of SHI groups. Our extraordinary mission offers broad arrangements between communities, civil society, and expertise, thereby assembling a continuous bridge of success for them. The aim and mission are to Empower Persons with Disabilities, helping them to live their life with prominence and respect. To make them realize their abilities and building their confidence while handling society and facilitating multifaceted growth. Our main motto is to empower the SHI community in all aspects of their life which focuses on providing proper coaching to students in developing faculties so that it can increase their chances of getting them placed.